Last week (week 10) I didn’t write a weekly update because I spent the most of my week being together with friends and family “celebrating easter”.

Unfortunately, the teachers are in a lockout situation right now, which means that I can’t get any further with my experiments 🙁 I have tried my best to write as much as possible this week, but it is hard to write about a system and concept that you haven’t yet tested:( As I write this blog post I have 25 written pages, which I don’t think is that much, so I look forward to my meeting with Kaj on friday to hear what we can do about the (lockout) situation – should the plan and objective of my thesis be changed, and how should we proceed from now on?

Tomorrow I have a meeting with Markus, where I hope we will be able to do some machine learning magic on my test data with the girl from my first test – fingers crossed.. Also, next week will probably not be very productive regarding my thesis, because I am master of ceremonies for the SIDeR 2013 conference until thursday – it will be fun, but right now I don’t have the time for it I feel 🙁

Below is an illustration of the data flow for the heart rate sensor that I am considering if I should work a little more on and the include in my thesis..

Have a nice week!







HR Data Flow