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It has been almost exactly three years since I last updated my website (which is not very impressive). I will therefore over the next couple of weeks update the design and content of my website.   Cheers, Tobias Sonne

DIY Height Adjustable Table (for less than $70)

Yesterday I decided to make a step-by-step tutorial on how I built my height adjustable desk on It was my first instructable, so of course there are a lot of errors and things I could do better and smarter (for example decide before hand that I want to make an instructable out of the project - [...]

LEGO Weekend Project

This is what I spent my Sunday afternoon on today!

Show Battery-Time-Remaining in Mountain Lion

After having updated my MacBook Pro to Mountain Lion, I really miss the feature where I can see the battery time remaining in the menu bar! Recently I discovered the "Battery-Time-Remaining" project on GitHub, which enables you to show the battery time remaining in the menu bar. The setup is very easy: 1) Download the [...]