Project Description

The interactive bike installation for the Tour de Denmark is a multiplayer game for up to three co-located players that was designed and developed for the Danish national television as part of Tour de Denmark 2015. The gameplay is simple, get / bike as long as you can for two minutes. The players have to physically sit and ride a road bike (mounted on a Kickr smart trainer) and the speed in the game is based on the speed of the road bike.

Over 1000 people tried the interactive bike installation over a six-day period., and there was no technical issues during this period.

Together with a good friend, I developed a Mac OS X application that established the communication with the Kickr bike trainers like we parsed the incoming data and forwarded this via a UDP socket to an AS3 script we designed, which was bundled with the actual game (made in Adobe Flash®). I was also involved in the interaction design of the game – and was the main responsible for designing the interactions so that everything could be controlled from the bikes (no mouse or keyboard needed during anytime of the setup).

Game design:

Illustrationer og art direction: My Buemann[/fusion_text]