The week stared really good with a meeting with Lotte and Carsten. We made some progress on who and how we are going to test with children. But because we need the parents to sign a document saying that we are allowed to try my sensor system on the kids I fear that I need to change my plan (already), because that can easily take a week or maybe two 🙁 On the cool side, I think I am going to be an assistant teacher in the  class with ADHD children that we are going to test with very (hopefully) soon. To be an assistant teacher will also allow me to do some important observations of how children with ADHD children actually behave in a classroom context. – Very interesting! 🙂


On the down side, I didn’t get very much work done this week. I did one test setup, which looked fine, but I need to work more on the processing of the sensor data before I can say anything from the data (and that is not my strong side – data processing)… My only excuse for not getting more work done is that I had to spend sometime setup my new computer (Macbook Air:)) – and that I spend too much time on some practicalities regarding my trip to Paris and the CHI conference.


Next week, I hope that we will be able to:

– Complete the document for the parents to sign.

– Add Heart Rate Sensor as a new sensor in my system

– Explore how and if a Microsoft Kinect can be used as a sensor

– Finish writing about the ADHD Sensor Monitoring System

– Enjoy the weather 🙂