I spent my Sunday on:


Prototyping / testing of the next generation prototype (2 sensors to one Arduino board – sharing some pins when calibration did succeed!)!

Change the names on my Bluetooth modems (a very small thing — that took very long time) 🙂

Added the option of having two accelerometers in my test program

Tried to make some meaningful calculations of the velocity, but I didn’t succeed 🙁

Wrote one page about the related commercial products (Nike FuelBand, Body Media CORE2, Withings Activity Tracker etc.)

Wrote some introduction meta text for two sub-sections in the related work section

Read a few research papers (didn’t find any good ones – I need to make a much better research question to guide my research )

Watched the Danish national handball team lose big time in the world cup final 🙁



Data from two accelerometers..IMG_3528