Since last time I have created a temporary research question that hopefully will help me choose some relevant literature for the related work part of the thesis. – The research question is still a very very early draft:

I want to study which opportunities there exist in using different sensors and placements of these to monitor children with ADHD, in order to find out if the data from the sensors can say something about the concentration level.

With this research question I have begun digging into literature about: Activity monitoring, wearable computing, and general sensor technologies and solutions. My biggest concern is that I end up doing some kind of machine learning stuff by going in this direction, so I need to focus more on the prototype part of the sensors and the placement – and then try to avoid machine learning (hardcore computer science and algorithms)!

Also since the last time I have ordered quiet a few sensors and components on ebay so I just hope that they will arrive soon, so that I can start prototyping as early as possible.



  • Make a plan for when to do what (Milestones)
  • Plan a weekly meeting with Kaj
  • Read relevant papers
  • Write ~6 pages of notes / resumes of relevant papers
  • Prepare for the meeting February 7
  • Develop second generation prototype (multiple sensors)
  • Develop a simple algorithm that converts sensor data (now as graphs) to text (i.e. “Sitting still” , “low concentration” etc.)
  • Develop first version of a potential web/cloud backend
  • Think about the test setup