Once again a productive week!

Monday, my mom helped me create four additional black sensor holders, so I now have a total of six black bands! Also my mom got an idea for how making the  wrist worn sensor holder  (the Velcro solution used in the black ones was too clumsy for the wrist) – so she quickly made me five wrist sensor holders 🙂 – nice!

Mads once again helped me a lot: He programmed an Android app that communicates with the ADHD Sensor Monitoring System just like any other accelerometer sensor! Also he helped clean up the system, so that it is now even better and cleaner than before 🙂

Machine Learning algorithms / functionality has been in the ADHD Sensor Monitoring System, but there is still a lot of work to do on machine learning 🙁


I am also happy that I began to write about the ADHD Sensor Monitoring System in the thesis document (~3 pages), I hope I can make it a habit to write a little bit every day, or at least do some proofreading / editing of the existing text.

My goal for next week is pretty simple:

  • Test sensor, system and setup

See you next week 🙂


IMG_3597 IMG_3598