First of all, my work-in-progress paper about The Habit-Aware Mouse got accepted to CHI 2013 which was really great and something I hadn’t expected, especially with 3 x “5: Strongly Accept” and 1 x “4:Possibly Accept”! It was my first paper I have submitted to a conference, so I was very surprised how much time I had to spend on final editing, corrections, and re-submission etc….

Back to my masters thesis 🙂

Since last week the project has moved a good way!

My meeting about machine learning with Markus was really good, and I hope that I already next week can get some time to “play” with machine learning in my ADHD monitoring system.

I have also at last signed my thesis contract but I am still waiting for my advisor to sign it to (is it a bad sign, if I have waited almost four days for him to sign it?). I have also finally managed to create a rough process plan and I actually think it turned out really good – so I look forward to follow it the next couple of months and see how good I am at planning – and following a plan;)

Yesterday I made a quick prototype of a potential armband for the DUL Radio. I used velcro so that the size can be adjusted to different arm sizes..

My goals for next week are:

  • Make more armbands
  • Begin incorporating machine learning functionality into my system
  • Test sensor, system and setup
  • Add android phone as sensor

IMG_3563 IMG_3571