Today I got a long way parsing the JSON stream from The Neurosky Mindwave Mobile, and now the EEG tab is added to the tab-menu and the EEG view is currently graphing the different brain waves much like the normal accelerometer data. Luckily, I could just use my existing “createGraphFromSensorData“-function to plot the EEG values. Four-five days after deciding to rebuild the system from scratch I can already harvest the fruit from that decision:).Tomorrow, I will need to create a new graph function, because I like the layout created by Eric Blue on his Brain-Grapher for Processing, and my existing graph function isn’t geared for that task. Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 14.51.22 I also did write a resume of one article today, though it was a simple I am pretty sure I will end up using it anyway, because it is describes the DUL Radio system, which I am planning to use in my test. Last but not least, I created a Prezi presentation for the meeting on Thursday which can be seen below (still early draft):