Today, I spent the first part of my day giving a presentation about the Computer Science Department and “the life as an IT Product Developer Student” for two high school classes.

Next I had time to code for two hours before meeting with my girlfriend to celebrate that she finished her last exam – for this semester..

But then I finally had some time to explore my NeuroSky Mindwave Mobie brain(wave) scanner. First, I had a lot of trouble connecting to the device from Java, and when I finally had a connection, I kept getting malformed JSON data and a few other errors. But, long story short, right now I have a simple application that can receive the data from the Mindwave Mobile and print it to the console 🙂 !!!

Tomorrow, I will see if I can get the DULRadios to work. I tried today, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought 🙁 ) Also, I could be cool to make some improvements to the GUI, so that it is a little less “geeky” when I have to show it next Thursday..