The last two days have been spent planning and building the next iteration of my software sensing / visualizing program. I have decided to completely rewrite it from the ground in order to make it a loosely coupled system.

Today I had a fine meeting with Kaj – we still didn’t get closer to a research question, but the meeting was good anyway. We talked about the important meeting next week and what I should prepare for it (I have a lot to before Thursday 🙁 )

Yesterday I had a short meeting with Rasmus Lunding, an Assistant professor of Information Science who also “manages”  the DDlab. We talked about my project and he asked if I could use the DUL Radio system for my thesis. I think they would be really cool to use because of the small form factor – but I haven’t tried to connect it to my program yet, so I don’t know for sure yet how effective they can be in my project.

Last but not least! – I received my Mindwave Mobile brainwave scanner from NeuroSky, but I haven’t had time to try it yet, but hopefully I will tomorrow even though I only can work 3 hours tomorrow..